HealthCare Reliability Organizing™ (HCRO)
The Path to Sustainable HealthCare Reliability

HealthCare Reliability Organizing™ (HCRO) is a distinctive approach to achieving reliability in healthcare. It is rooted in the excellent work that has taken place in recent years related to High Reliability Organizations (HRO), through which best practices from other high-consequence industries have been imported and applied in healthcare. The difference lies in the collaboration and innovation required to achieve optimal success in healthcare – not the emulation of other industry approaches, which have thus far produced marginal results. 

The HCRO model includes transforming both individual learners and healthcare organizations through a multi-step process of continuous improvement. Rooted in the foundations of socio-technical science and developed in collaboration with world-leading reliability experts and teams of Cohort Organizations across California, HCRO is demonstrating that the path to sustainable healthcare reliability can be achieved.

To learn more about HCRO, please visit http://hqi.sgcdigital.com