AHRQ Safety Program for ICUs: CLABSI/CAUTI


The AHRQ ICU Safety Project (Cohort 2) runs September 2016 – September 2017.

HQI is facilitating the participation of 16 California hospitals in this current cohort, aimed at reduction of CLABSI and CAUTI in the hospitals’ Intensive Care Units.

Collaborating with HRET and AHRQ nationally, HQI helps these hospitals access resources that have been developed as a part of earlier national efforts to apply a Comprehensive Unit-based Safety Program (CUSP) approach to their internal programs.  Online Virtual Learning Groups are convened monthly to spread lessons learned from peer to peer across the country.  A library of electronic educational modules are also posted on an intranet for participating hospitals. 

The most significant lesson learned to date is that when a unit-based team takes a concentrated approach, running small tests of change before implementing protocol revisions,  and assessing progress weekly, that momentum can create a true culture change that makes everyone practice more mindfully, embedding new expectations for standardization and excellence into every day practice. 

Preventing CLABSI and CAUTI nationwide, we are saving lives every day.

For more information contact, Julia Slininger at jslininger@hqinstitute.org.