CMQCC Maternal QI Academy


Building quality improvement interdisciplinary teams where a culture of safety and quality is part of their core DNA is critical to mitigating challenges faced by hospitals as they work to sustain quality improvements and achieve a culture of continuous quality improvement. The California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (CMQCC) is partnering with Blue Shield of California to develop and implement a program aimed at sustained maternal quality improvement (QI) by providing hospital teams with the necessary knowledge and tools. This is especially important to continue the efforts of the current initiative to reduce low-risk, first-birth cesareans. The result will be improved quality hospital networks for maternity care, and better outcomes for moms and babies.

The goal of the Maternal QI Academy is to support the development and maintenance of multi-disciplinary maternal quality improvement teams that foster sustainable change and enhanced professional experience. 

The QI Academy provides an interactive learning environment for invited participants to receive mentorship in developing their quality improvement process. The curriculum is presented through an in-person kick-off meeting introducing key quality improvement concepts delivered by subject matter experts from across the state. Each presentation features a table exercise to engage the participants in relating the education to work specific to their organization.

The opening session is followed by monthly mentor calls to briefly present additional quality improvement topics, identify successes in the attendees’ identified project work, and to address potential obstacles to success. The QI Academy is planned for a full year with a closing celebration where participants complete a formal presentation of their quality improvement work – supported by data outcomes – on their selected project.

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