Core Programs

HQI consists of several programs focusing on quality improvement and patient safety. Each program works separately as well as integrated with each other so that reporting redundancy is eliminated, multiple contacts are minimized, and hospital staff focus on improvement goals with the entire support network of HQI.


California Hospital Improvement Innovation Network

The HSAG/HQI Partnership invites hospitals to join the California Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (CalHIIN) and to be a part of the greater achievements going forward. Click here to view the press release.

Funded by CMS for two years with the option of a 3rd year, CalHIIN will work to achieve a 20 percent decrease in overall patient harm and a 12 percent reduction in 30-day hospital readmissions. CalHIIN is one of only 16 HIINs awarded nationwide.

A continuation of our CalHEN work, CalHIIN will support hospitals in sustaining and advancing improvement. Free of charge, programming will be customized to fit the unique needs and contexts of each hospital. Through a robust partnership of hospitals, enhanced by the expertise of leading national quality and patient safety experts, we will expand the use of best practices and accelerate improvement in critical areas of healthcare. Over 135 hospitals have already expressed interest to commit to CalHIIN and we’d like to include you!

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Overview Rory Jaffe, MD, MBA


Created in 2008 by the California Hospital Association, CHPSO is a federally designated Patient Safety Organization (PSO) dedicated to the elimination of preventable patient harm and improving the quality of health care delivery. With over 350 members in the western United States, CHPSO is one of the largest PSOs in the nation and is a trusted leader in the analysis, dissemination and archiving of patient safety information.

Overview Boris Kalanj, MSW

Partnership for Patient Experience

Focusing on patient experience is key to creating a high-quality health care system.  P4PEx is our vehicle for assisting California hospitals with systemic advances in patient experience and engagement.  Emphasis on cultural competence is a natural complement given California’s demographic diversity.


Chartered Workgroups

Specifically designated forums — including the HAI Workgroup — to study evidence-based improvements related to clinical care and delivery issues.


Patient Safety First

2010 – 2016

Patient Safety First (PSF) was a groundbreaking partnership between National Health Foundation, California’s Regional Hospital Associations, Anthem Blue Cross and over 160 hospitals across the state.