Patient Safety First

2010 – 2016

Patient Safety First (PSF) was a groundbreaking partnership between National Health Foundation, California’s Regional Hospital Associations, Anthem Blue Cross and over 160 hospitals across the state.  

It is with great pride in our past quality and patient safety accomplishments, and enthusiasm for our new plan to continue the journey, that we announce the full integration of all CHA, HASC, HC and HASD&IC quality initiatives into one coordinated initiative under our jointly sponsored organization, the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI).

PSF was in operation for seven years with 175 hospitals participating, 6,000 lives saved, and $114 million in costs avoided.  Co-sponsored by HASC, HC and HASD&IC, administered by the National Health Foundation and funded with a very generous grant by Anthem Blue Cross, PSF proved that peer-to-peer learning, hospital-to-hospital collaboration, data analysis and feedback, and leadership commitment can combine to give dramatic results. 

With much thanks and recognition to NHF and Anthem Blue Cross, the improvement work that was part of PSF will continue under the umbrella of HQI beginning January 2017.

The efforts of Patient Safety First were recognized by several awards, most notably the esteemed 2013 John M. Eisenberg Patient Safety and Quality Award from the National Quality Forum and The Joint Commission, for the demonstrated Phase 1 accomplishments of its first three years (2010-2012) including:

  • 74% reduction in early elective deliveries prior to 39 weeks gestational age
  • 57% reduction in cases of Ventilator Assisted Pneumonia
  • 43% reduction in cases of Central Line Blood Stream Infections
  • 26% reduction in Sepsis mortality
  • 3,576 deaths avoided as a result of reduction in Sepsis mortality
  • $63 million in costs avoided for participating hospitals