Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital
Valencia, CA

Success story Roger Seaver, CEO

Estimated patient harm events prevented (Jan 2012-Dec 2013): 327

Estimated cost savings: $1,958.870

Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital, a 238-bed not-for-profit community hospital and trauma center in Valencia, CA has been a mentor for improvement to other participants in the California Hospital Engagement Network (CalHEN).

Henry Mayo attributes their success to a network of committees and teams that worked together to communicate harm reduction goals, objectives and resources. Senior-level members of the hospital participate in most, if not all, aspects of this network:

  • Quality Performance Council (QPC), a hospital-wide improvement committee that reports to the Governing Board. The QPC is comprised of chairpersons from the Medical Staff, Department of Medicine, Department of Surgery, Department of Primary Care and Appropriateness Review Committee; Chief Executive, Financial, Medical and Nursing Officers; Ancillary Department Vice President; Director of Quality & Risk Management; Director of Pharmacy; Assistant Nursing Director; and other department directors as requested. All departments reported to the QPC on a regularly scheduled basis.
  • The Director of Quality leads a Safety Team that includes, at a minimum, members representing Nursing, Pharmacy, Information Technology, Human Resources, Environmental, and Respiratory Therapy. Other departments are included as required.
  • Several teams focus on specific areas of harm, including a Falls team, Pressure Ulcers team and Core Measurement team, were brought together throughout the hospital. Data and information is distributed from these teams to the clinical units and available online through an internal network.
  • Patient Care and Board Quality Committees include executive staff members. Each convening of these committees provided an educational component of patient safety

The IHI process tests the reliability of improvement actions, of which strategies include rapid cycle Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) and Lean methodology.
Henry Mayo has also taken lead to coordinate reducing readmissions across the area hospitals. In addition, Henry Mayo has presented their strategies to peer groups among the regions to help spread improvement knowledge throughout the region. HQI comments CEO Roger Seaver and the entire staff at Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital for their commitment and success as well as their willingness to share improvement processes and strategies.

Founded in 1951, Henry Mayo Newhall Memorial Hospital is a 238-bed not-for-profit community hospital and trauma center in Valencia, CA