Patient Safety Week

The Collaborative Healthcare Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO) and the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) celebrated Patient Safety Awareness Week with a series of very well attended and highly informative webinars. Many organizations took advantage of these educational offerings as opportunities to bring multidisciplinary teams together to learn more about these important patient safety and quality improvement topics. If you missed these sessions, we encourage you to take advantage of the recordings and associated materials. Here are recaps of each of the five webinars: 

 NHSN data chart

Data Upload Instructions

The platform doesn’t require any connection/interface to your EHR system. It uses discharge data already created and submitted by your hospital.

There are three data arms that feed into the platform:


Perinatal Mental Health Learning Community

The Perinatal Mental Health (PMH) Learning Community was HQI’s initiative to provide California hospitals with education, technical assistance, and peer support to strengthen perinatal mental health.  The program concluded in December 2021.  However, key resources developed remain on this website for ongoing free use by hospitals, as needed.  Any questions regarding the resources on this web page can be directed to Boris Kalanj, HQI’s Director of Programs, at bkalanj@hqinstitute.org.