Culture of Safety


Culture of Safety

There is growing evidence that the role of culture, especially the culture of patient safety, pays in an organization’s ability to not only improve, but also sustain those improvements over time. This section will provide strategies and resources to assist hospitals and clinical units in enhancing the culture of safety.


Best Practices and Events Affecting Cesarean Delivery Rates in California

One of every eight babies born in the United States is born in California. Of those births, three in 10 are delivered by cesarean. Many California hospitals, big and small, have instituted processes to maintain low cesarean delivery
rates. To understand the practices of rural and community hospitals that have maintained a low cesarean delivery rate, the Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) received a grant from CHCF to study these California birthing hospitals and their processes in a project titled, Promoting Optimal NTSV Delivery Rates (PONDR).