Improvement Leader Fellowship

The AHA/HRET HEN 2014 Improvement Leader Fellowship (ILF) presents a tremendous opportunity to develop and build improvement capability within your organization. ILF has benefited over 1,600 hospitals across the nation. Participation in this program is optional and complimentary to all hospitals participating in the CalHEN.

Below you will find information regarding the meeting schedule; course catalog and requirements for each level of the Fellowship: Junior, Senior and Champion; and support from the CalHEN.


ILF Virtual & In-person Meetings

Attendance at least one in-person meeting and seven virtual meetings is part of the requirements of the certificate of completion of the 2014 AHA/HRET Improvement Leader Fellowship (in addition to completion of the online IHI Open School courses). Registration information for each meeting is provided as it becomes available.

Continuing education (CE) credits will be provided for physicians, nurses and pharmacists for attendance at each in-person and live virtual meeting (recorded meetings do not provide credit).