California Hospitals’ Response to Sepsis
Infographic illustrates state's best care strategies


Sepsis is a serious, life threatening health complication that evolves in response to an infection.  Sepsis diagnosis is complex, requiring urgent recognition and treatment.  The science of sepsis has been evolving for years and while much is known, there is no straightforward response.  In contrast to other disease states, sepsis is difficult to diagnose early, and there are no clear biomarkers for identification. Therefore, performance improvement experts must stay current with scientific findings and use critical thinking when adopting new information into clinical and administrative processes.

Despite the complexities, clinicians can help patients through infection prevention, prompt diagnosis and treatment using evidence-based protocols. California hospitals have invested in education and implementation of best practices to save lives.

HQI has been tracking the progress of California hospitals and there’s good news to report.  Death from sepsis has decreased by 30 percent over the past five years, with more than 36,000 lives saved. 

Click here to view the Infographic highlighting five areas where California hospitals are supporting patients to Survive Sepsis.