HSAG Hospital Improvement Innovation Network



The HSAG/HQI Partnership invites hospitals to join the HSAG Hospital Improvement Innovation Network (HSAG HIIN) and to be a part of the greater achievements going forward. Click here to view the press release.

Funded by CMS for two years with the option of a 3rd year, the HSAG HIIN will work to achieve a 20 percent decrease in overall patient harm and a 12 percent reduction in 30-day hospital readmissions. The HSAG HIIN is one of only 16 HIINs awarded nationwide.

A continuation of our CalHEN work, the HSAG HIIN will support hospitals in sustaining and advancing improvement. Free of charge, programming will be customized to fit the unique needs and contexts of each hospital. Through a robust partnership of hospitals, enhanced by the expertise of leading national quality and patient safety experts, we will expand the use of best practices and accelerate improvement in critical areas of healthcare. Over 270 hospitals have committed to the HSAG HIIN and we’d like to include you!


The goals of the HSAG HIIN are to decrease readmissions by 12 percent and health care-associated conditions (HACs) by 20 percent through targeted interventions, benchmarking and spreading best practices.

Benefits to Hospitals

Hospitals have access to:

  • Participating in statewide improvement collaboratives and learning action network
  • Providing coaching and networking opportunities in a community of peers
  • Engaging in education and training opportunities through multiple methods and cost effective strategies
  • Strengthening  patient and family engagement, physician engagement, and workforce engagement
  • Spreading our focus on HealthCare Reliability Organizing (HCRO)
  • Aligning and teaming with QIO/QIN resources, while eliminating duplications in effort
  • Measuring  progress  through standardized measures, customized reporting, and data consulting

Our Approach

The HSAG HIIN leverages the significant resources and tailors the support to the specific needs of California. These resources are available to participating hospitals at no additional cost. A combination of the following resources is available for executive improvement in clinical harm areas and readmissions:

  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Mentorship programs
  • Connecting hospitals
  • Coordination with other initiatives
  • Virtual office hours
  • Evidence-based change packages
  • Learning sessions

At the core of the HSAG HIIN approach are Clinical Improvement Advisors (CIA). Each hospital is assigned a CIA, who works with the facility to assess readiness for improvement, establish goals, address challenges, support implementing current or new interventions and strategies to reduce harm, and link participants to subject matter experts as needed.

Join the HSAG HIIN - To indicate your interest to join, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you with further information.

The HSAG/HQI Partnership invites hospitals to join the HSAG HIIN and be a part of the greater achievements going forward.