QuietNight™ App
HQI Launches Mobile App to Help Hospitals Reduce Noise


HQI is pleased to announce the launch of QuietNight™, a new generation mobile tool designed to measure noise in hospital environments and provide real-time feedback to mitigate.

Excessive noise negatively impacts patient rest and healing.  Accurate to within -/+ 1 decibel, QuietNight quantifies opportunities for noise mitigation based on deviation from recommended levels by quickly measuring the sound floor in any environment.  The app registers and tracks baseline as well as startle noise and provides actionable guidance when noise levels are moving to unacceptable levels.  The app integrates HQI’s Journey to a Quiet Night toolkit, which contains best practices for noise reduction, abatement, and maintaining a quiet therapeutic environment.

User feedback is highly appreciated and easy to provide within the app.  Future iterations will contain additional features such as GPS functionality and enhanced data flows, which will enable benchmarking of multiple users in like environments and stimulate peer exchange of best mitigation practices.  This feature also identifies “hot spots” for targeted noise reduction strategies.

QuietNight is fully HIPAA-compliant as it measures sound pressure and does not create an audio recording. 

The app is available free of charge on the App Store for Apple iOS mobile devices.