Sentinel Event Statistics Released for 2014
The Joint Commission

Post April 29, 2015

The Joint Commission updated its sentinel event statistics for 2014. Data from the 8,645 incidents reviewed from 2004 through 2014 show that a total of 8,876 patients have been affected by these events, with 5,177 (58.3%) resulting in the patient’s death, 831 (9.4%) resulting in loss of function, and 2,868 (32.3%).

The Joint Commission also reviewed a total of 764 sentinel events during 2014. The 10 most frequently reported types of sentinel events and the 10 most frequently identified root causes (spanning several types of events) for 2014 are identified and published through this report. For more information, see the April 2015 issue of Perspectives or visit The Joint Commission’s Sentinel Event Statistics Report for 2014 and/ or Sentinel Event webpages.