Core Programs

HQI consists of several programs focusing on quality improvement and patient safety.

Each program works separately as well as integrated with each other so that reporting redundancy is eliminated, multiple contacts are minimized, and hospital staff focus on improvement goals with the entire support network of HQI.


The Hospital Quality Improvement Platform

Know where you are and where you’re going

Introducing the Hospital Quality Improvement Platform, HQI’s most dynamic analytical resource yet! The free Platform shows how you measure-up to hospitals in your area and statewide quality standards, and can help identify challenge areas and trends to improve performance.  It gives you:


HQI Cares Introduces BETA HEART®

Implementing BETA HEART® to Build a Culture of Safety. 

HQI Cares is more than a sound investment in patient safety and staff health – it’s the right thing to do. HQI Cares guides you every step of the way to a true culture of safety.

Hospital Quality Intelligence Initiative logo with interlocking arrows of data, analysis, intelligence, and information action

Hospital Quality Transparency Dashboard

Hospital Quality Institute, in cooperation with the Patient Safety Movement Foundation and California Hospital Association, has created dashboards of publicly-available quality data for each California Hospital Association short-term, acute-care member hospital. These dashboards provide information on eight measures. Hospitals may also add optional comments about performance and initiatives at that hospital. HQI encourages each hospital to publish the information in the dashboard to its public-facing website to increase hospital quality transparency.


Sentinel Signal Detection Reporting

HQI’s sentinel signal detection system automatically detects abnormal changes (i.e., signals) in the incidence of diagnosis codes from hospital discharge records in the Hospital Quality Improvement Platform (HQIP), as well as term frequencies from the Collaborative Healthcare Patient Safety Organization (CHPSO) safety reports.