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HQI produces a quarterly newsletter intended to support health care quality and patient safety professionals’ work by providing information on clinical developments, opportunities to learn from your peers, and new technologies to help you work more effectively. The newsletter is distributed in March, June, September, and December. To subscribe, please email

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2019 C. Duane Dauner Award Winners Announced

HQI received 33 applications for 2019 C. Duane Dauner Quality Award.  Through a careful review via an external panel of judges, three applicant organizations were recognized:

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center was the winner of 2019 C. Duane Dauner Quality Award, with a program to improve safety and care of patients upon discharge by actively supporting their follow-up care in the community.  Since 2018, their Post-Acute Care Transitions (PACT) initiative reduced the hospital length of stay for non-acute patients by approximately 50% (from 70 days to 35 days), increased hospital bed capacity by over 5,000 hospital bed days, and reduced the 30-day readmission rate for patients in the PACT program from 19% to 5.5%.

Keck Medicine of USC was a 2019 C. Duane Dauner Quality Award finalist with their program to implement Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), positively impacting postoperative pain, opioid use, length of stay, and readmission rates.

John Muir Health was a 2019 C. Duane Dauner Quality Award finalist with a new predictive analytics approach to identify and manage sepsis patients, which resulted in reducing code blues by 35% and saving 54 lives.

More information about the winner and two finalists is available on HQI website.

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CHPSO Provides Recap of 2019 Safe Tables

Safe Tables are designed to empower providers to engage in robust, meaningful patient safety and quality improvement activities. CHPSO hosts these meetings via a web-based, teleconference format approximately twice a month. Safe Tables generally have clinical focus on a topic requested by members or found during periodic analysis of the CHPSO database. 

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HQI Conference Draws Patient Safety Leaders to Sacramento
Conference highlights, C. Duane Dauner Award winners, update on next year’s event

More than 350 health care professionals gathered at the 2019 Hospital Quality Institute (HQI) Annual Conference in Sacramento Oct. 14 and 15 to discuss the successes that have positioned California as the quality improvement leader and the challenges remaining to advance patient safety.

The conference featured 20 speakers from across the country, an opening day of keynote addresses, and a half day with nine breakouts that took a deep dive into some of the most pressing patient safety issues facing California hospitals. Also featured were 28 poster sessions highlighting best practices in quality improvement and patient safety across California.

The HQI Annual Conference is also home to the C. Duane Dauner Quality Awards, which recognize outstanding achievement in the area of patient safety, quality improvement and experience. This year’s winner is the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC). The winning entry was entitled “Making an Impact with Post-Acute Care Transitions (PACT).” PACT embraces patient-centered care, looking beyond hospital stays and discharge to meet the ongoing needs of patients affected by homelessness, substance use disorders, and other mental health conditions.

Also recognized during the HQI conference were two C. Duane Dauner Award finalists. Keck Medicine of the University of Southern California was honored for their entry “Surgical Care and Recovery: Impacting Postoperative Pain and the Opioid Crisis.” John Muir Health was recognized for their entry “Sepsis Management for the 21st Century: Clinicians and Technology.”

HQI recognizes traveling to events can be time-consuming and costly, so next year will represent an exciting evolution for our annual conference. In 2020, our annual conference will be held twice — in both Northern and Southern California locations. The new event format will be one-day long with multiple breakout sessions and wow-factor keynotes to open and close the event. If you are coming in the night before, plan to join us for a welcome reception and to honor C. Duane Dauner Award recipients. Dates will be announced soon for this fall conference.

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Teamwork: The Road to Respect, Reliability, and Resilience

Everyone in health care is in the business of saving lives, whether you are a front line caregiver, an equipment supplier, an environmental engineer, an executive, an analyst, or any other position that touches the processes, systems, environment, or evaluation of health care. We are all in the business of saving lives, and we must function with reliability every day. It is not “OK” in health care to do a better job on some days, more than others. We have to get it right — provide the highest quality of care, and prevent harm and me

Quality Quarterly Article Julia Slininger, RN, BS, CPHQ

HQI Announces Perinatal Mental Health Initiative

In February 2020, HQI will launch a perinatal mental health (PMH) initiative aimed at continuing the strides California hospitals have made in improving maternity care. The initiative will help hospital perinatal staff understand, recognize, and effectively respond to mental health issues in the perinatal period. It will also help hospitals comply with a new law — Assembly Bill 3032 (Chapter 773, Statutes of 2018) — that, effective Jan.

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CHPSO Expands to 19 States

CHPSO was established by the California Hospital Association (CHA) in 2009. The longest-listed patient safety organization (PSO) in the United States, CHPSO is also one of the largest — it began in California, and over the years added members in Arizona, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. In the last quarter of 2019 and into early 2020, CHPSO will see a major expansion to a total of 19 states and nearly 550 members. The vast majority of CHPSO facilities are acute care facilities, but CHPSO members also include ambulatory clinics, home health agencies, hospice care providers, and specialty hospitals.


As CHPSO membership grows, so will the CHPSO database. CHPSO currently has nearly 2.5 million safety event reports that it utilizes to provide feedback to members via safe tables, newsletter articles, alerts, custom research, and periodic reports. We anticipate that 2020 will bring one of the biggest single-year increases in the number of event reports that CHPSO receives. The chart below outlines increases in reported events over the past year. 

Safety event reports submitted to CHPSO Jan - Oct 2019

With the vast number of potential members, new members, and current members with renewed interest in PSO participation, CHPSO has seen a significant increase in the number of organizations seeking out education and support regarding PSOs, the value PSOs provide, and how to go about adapting their patient safety-related activities to maximize the value of PSO participation. To meet these educational needs and ensure health care providers are knowledgeable about PSO participation, CHPSO will continue to offer free educational webinars on a variety of topics. For a list of upcoming events as well as archived webinars, visit Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us to request new content.

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Last Chance to Submit 2019 Event Data to CHPSO

Each year, CHPSO provides members with an update of the safety event reports submitted to the CHPSO database. Under a federal law, CHPSO provides a protection to hospitals by collecting safety event data. In turn, CHPSO analyzes these data from member organizations and provides specific feedback to hospitals and shares general, de-identified information with the health care community. To be included in this year’s analysis, events must be submitted by Jan. 31. For a list of members, visit the CHPSO website

With questions or for more information, contact

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New HQI Data Analytics Platform Offers Consolidated Data, Benchmarking Tools

At October’s annual conference, HQI launched the Hospital Quality Improvement Platform — a system that consolidates disparate data sources into a single, statewide platform. Its reports and benchmarking tools fuel improvement with intelligence, providing hospital leaders with invaluable quality performance analytics.

To date, 339 hospitals have been contacted for participation; of those, 185 responded favorably. Eighty hospitals are conducting an internal level review, while four have already executed agreements and are submitting data.

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2020 Vision: The Future of HQI

In the coming year, HQI will continue to provide member support on pressing patient safety issues, including a particular focus on three main areas:

Data Enrichment

Vast amounts of data are available through hospital submissions (from California and, soon, 19 other states) and state systems. Both CHPSO and HQI are uniquely positioned to engage in a predictive analytics initiative that will be able to detect “signals” in patient safety and quality improvement trends. These trends will then be disseminated to member facilities so they may take necessary action and reverse any adverse effects.

Joy and Meaning

Health care employees are faced with ever-increasing pressures and stresses, leading to unprecedented levels of burnout. The results are increased turnover, low employee satisfaction, and significantly increased possibilities for patient harm. HQI will embark on an initiative to improve communication, support staff involved in stressful events, and foster a Just Culture that supports the principles of high reliability. Expected outcomes include:

  • Increased incident reporting
  • Lower turnover rates
  • Improved employee satisfaction rates
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Decreased costs
  • An improved overall patient safety environment

Opioid / Methamphetamine Crisis

HQI is exploring partnership opportunities to combat the current crisis. Offering our extensive data resources and ability to convene more than 400 member organizations, HQI will engage in a yet-to-be determined initiative to tackle this national and state emergency.

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President’s Message

Leadership in quality and patient safety.

Those six words are more than the Hospital Quality Institute’s tagline. They’re the foundation of what we do every day and serve as a constant reminder of our goal to help you deliver the safest, highest-quality care possible. They’re the words that push us to be better than the day before — because the people you care for depend on you, and you depend on us.

None of this is possible without the exceptional women and men who choose to work in hospitals.