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Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part IV
CHA / HQI Physicians Eligible for Credit

Did you know that HQI has been approved as an American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Portfolio Program Sponsor? 

Practicing physicians in CHA/HQI hospitals have the benefit of receiving Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part IV credit from participating ABMS certifying boards for the work they are doing in partnership with our hospitals to improve quality and patient safety.


HCAHPS Improvers Playbook
Survey Response Rate Is Critical

The link between response rates and scores is so strong that each 1 percentage point increase in response rate is expected to result in a ½ percentage point increase in scores across all HCAHPS domains.

Click here to access HQI’s HCAHPS Dashboard - an interactive tool for California hospitals, where you can see the specific effects of response rate changes on HCAHPS  scores in your hospital.



Excellent leadership is imperative to sustaining hospital quality. Leadership resources contained herein will help establish strong leadership or enhance an already existing leadership team.


Culture of Safety

There is growing evidence that the role of culture, especially the culture of patient safety, pays in an organization’s ability to not only improve, but also sustain those improvements over time. This section will provide strategies and resources to assist hospitals and clinical units in enhancing the culture of safety.


Quality Improvement Model

Improvement strategies, tools, and resources are essential to realize improvement in high reliability organizations.  Improvement work is new to many leaders who find themselves in quality roles, and new improvement teams charged with harm elimination are often not familiar  with the tools.  This section provides useful tools and strategies that will assist leaders, performance improvement teams, and other interested individuals with the basics of quality improvement.


Technology and Medical Devices

Technology and medical devices play a critical role in the delivery of modern health care. New technology and medical devices are revealed at an astonishing rate. This section provides strategies and tools to manage the human side of technology and medical devices.


Useful Links

Please visit the websites of other organizations focusing on quality improvement and patient safety.