Nurses’ Risk Without Using Smart Pump Technology
Adverse Drug Events Webinar Series


Originally presented Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Since the introduction of smart IV pumps, hospitals across the country have implemented this technology to improve the safety of high-risk IV medication administration. The smart pump safety software provides comprehensive drug libraries, standardized drug concentrations and dosing units, drug-dose calculators, a variety of safety alerts based on typical use of each drug and a detailed log of all alerts. While the improved safety is readily apparent every time one looks at the logged alerts, many hospitals continue to struggle with less than ideal compliance with use of the pumps’ safety features.

This webinar discusses the potential legal risks nurses incur when they make conscious decisions not to use the smart pump technology, or knowingly override alerts and administer doses that are outside of the usual safe range. In addition, this program discusses how hospitals have dealt with improving compliance and aggressively managed aspects of the alert system that contributed to compliance issues.

Program Objectives

  • Assess the risks nurses incur for themselves as well as their employer when they choose not to use smart pump technology
  • Ascertain how hospitals have improved compliance with the use of smart pumps
  • Identify personal accountability and liability as they relate to the use of hospital provided safer technologies

Recorded Webinar

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Andrew D. Harding, MS, RN, CEN, NEA-BC, FAHA – Clinical Nurse Specialist, Nursing Education & Research, Good Samaritan Medical Center, Brockton, MA.

Michelle Mandrack, RN, MSN – Director Consulting Services, Institute for Safe Medication Practices.

Tim Vanderveen, PharmD, MS – Vice President, Center for Safety and Clinical Excellence – Moderator.